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What to Expect When Buying Horse Stalls

Buying horse stalls is not the easiest process and there’s a lot that goes into the planning process. We will discuss everything you need to expect when buying horse stalls, from start to finish, including:


Choosing Horse Stalls

Delivery Options

Packaging Horse Stalls

Tracking Your Order

Setting Up Delivery

My Daily Barn Routine

There are no days off when you have animals in your life.  Despite the time spent I wouldn’t trade my lifestyle for anything.

My mornings begin at 7:00am when I head straight out to feed the horses breakfast.  My horses eat a local grass hay which is a mix of Timothy, orchard,…

A Spring Checklist for Your Horse

You may have started to notice warmer weather and longer days. Spring is making its arrival known! Most riders are anxious and excited for this beautiful season to come. It usually means more riding time, lush green pastures, and no blankets for the horses. It does come with some…

Winter Prep on My Farm

It’s mid-October which means it’s time for me to prep my farm for winter.  I live in Park City, Utah at 7000’ elevation and the snow begins to fly around Halloween.

Here are the things I do to prep my farm for winter…

I have a Sunstar Tube Heater in my…

The Paddock Paradise Track System

Based on the behavior of wild horses, the Paddock Paradise Track System encourages your horse to exercise, search for their food and travel over different terrain. The creator, Jaime Jackson is a former farrier that prefers natural horse care. He began studying feral horses and their behavior in the…

Managing Horses on Small Acreage

Not all horse owners have the luxury of managing horses in large fields. In reality, many horses live comfortably on small acreage. It does require more planning and management though. Land is expensive, so a few acres may be all you can purchase. That’s okay, as long as you…


Congratulations if you are planning a new barn and designing the stalls for your horses!  I loved the design process and I wanted to share some basics to get you started.
Stall Size
First step is to decide how big you want your stalls.  A 12’x12’ is the standard size for…

Back to basics.

Like everyone else around the world, I can say that this last month has been, for lack of a better word, tough. Being isolated from extended family, having to homeschool two little kids, Zach working from home and not having much “me” time have been a few of the…

Let’s Talk Horse Fencing

Growing up in southern California pipe corral panels were all I knew.  I think they were so popular because they were readily available, held up in the weather, and they didn’t break the bank.  Today, we have many more fencing options which is so nice.

Five years ago I was…