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Equestrian Events at the Tokyo Olympics

This year’s equestrian events in the Olympics were more memorable than ever! With difficulties from COVID-19, the Games are running a year later than normal. They’re in full force now though! The opening ceremony took place on July 23, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. A record number of teams and…

The Mental Side of Showing as an Adult Amateur

I didn’t grow up showing much. As one of four kids in a single parent household, going to horse shows was extremely low on the priority list and just not financially viable. 

When you’re a kid showing, things are very different then when you enter the world of being an…

Get Ready for Horse Show Season

The time is here to show off all of your hard work. You and your horse have been practicing and getting ready for competitions. From A-rated, national shows to your local schooling ones, they offer a unique and fun experience. Some compete to achieve their personal best, while others…

10 Fun Horseback Games to Play

Horse shows and other equestrian events might be on hold for the time being, but that doesn’t mean fun with your horse is cancelled this summer. Gather the whole family and maybe a few friends and plan a day of horseback games instead! Here are 10 ideas to try:

The World of Virtual Horse Shows

Virtual horse shows have been around for quite some time, but few equestrians have given them much notice. With COVID-19 upon us, everything has changed though! Most states are experiencing some sort of ban that prevents traditional horse shows from taking place. Because of this, e-shows have become very…

My Weekend At TIEC

Tyron International Equestrian Center, also known as TIEC for short, is any horse show competitor’s dream. Actually, I revise that to be “any horse show competitor’s, trainer’s, parent’s, cheering squad’s, or groom’s dream”. When my younger brother visited me there, he was walking around with his mouth wide open….

Create a Warm Winter Horse Show Experience

Before you can blink it will be Christmas. So it’s practically the New Year, right? That means spring is right around the corner.

If only I actually had that level of optimism. Summer is in the rearview and all those sun shiny days will become just a memory before…

Being Yourself in the most Traditional Show Attire

It almost looks like there is a fog hovering just above the ground as horse hooves cut through the dewy grass. Even with trainers calling to their students in the warm-up ring, there is still a hush across the show grounds as exhibitors and spectators whisper over their coffee….