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What to Expect When Buying Horse Stalls

Buying horse stalls is not the easiest process and there’s a lot that goes into the planning process. We will discuss everything you need to expect when buying horse stalls, from start to finish, including:


Choosing Horse Stalls

Delivery Options

Packaging Horse Stalls

Tracking Your Order

Setting Up Delivery


Congratulations if you are planning a new barn and designing the stalls for your horses!  I loved the design process and I wanted to share some basics to get you started.
Stall Size
First step is to decide how big you want your stalls.  A 12’x12’ is the standard size for…

How to Safely Deck the Stalls 

Pine wreaths, garlands, and big red bows are a classic style. Twinkly lights add so much coziness on the long dark days of winter. Here are a few ideas for decorating your barn this holiday season. 


Horses are curious and anything that is even remotely within a nose’s reach is…

Is Danger Looming in Your Horses’ Stall?

Horses are large animals and can do considerable damage without even trying. Putting a horse in a stall where he may easily get bored may cause him to develop some bad and potentially harmful habits. As your horse expends his pent-up energy, these bad habits become almost impossible to…

10 Tips for Horse Farms

Are you looking to improve your horse farm?

Below are ten tips to help you get started on improving your horse farm!

1.  Check Your Fence Lines
We tend to forget to just take a walk or ride all the way around our fence lines. Periodic checks allow you to get any…