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Top Three Dog Breeds That Make the Best Ranch Hand

Great ranching dog breeds must be confident in their work, obedient, and athletic. Dogs have not only been “man’s best friend” but also dedicated workers since the beginning of time. From sun up to sun down they are a loyal companion for anyone out there looking for the best…

Horses, Hounds, & Tweed

Fox hunting in this area has been taking place since the mid 1800s.  Today it continues to be an important cultural tradition and social event.

For the past ten years I’ve been visiting Middleburg, once or twice a year, because my horse trainer lives there.  I had never been fox…

The Best Barn Dog Breeds

Over the years, dogs have played the role of companion, guardian, herder, and much more! It’s rare to find a farm without a dog. In modern days, most people see them as companions, but they can also have important roles. Many keep predators away, handle pest control, herd cattle…

Barnyard Companions for Your Lonely Horse

Most horses thrive in a herd environment. They band with others in small groups for companionship and protection. While some horses prefer to stick to themselves, this is quite rare. Without a friend, most horses become lonely and depressed. However, it might not be feasible to have two horses….