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Horses of the Wild West

  • Emily Fought
  • Jan 26, 2021
Man riding horse

The Wild West wouldn’t have been the same without horses. After all, every cowboy needs a trusty steed. Beginning after the Civil War and ending around 1895, the American Frontier was known for its pioneers, outlaws, and gunslingers. Similar to modern times, these folks had different breeds of horses. Each breed had a specific purpose….

English Riding Tips for the Western Rider

However, when I later leased my first horse, a retired hunter jumper named Lady, I would soon discover the world of English riding. The young woman who owned Lady gave me her old English saddle and also gave me a few lessons in the riding style, which I would…

English Vs Western Riding

There are a ton of different riding disciplines across the United States. Most of them fall in the category of English or western. If you’re newer to horses, then you might be wondering which to try. It can be helpful to learn about the differences. And if still confused,…