Google defines turquoise as “a semiprecious stone, typically opaque and of a greenish-blue or sky-blue color, consisting of a hydrated hydroxyl phosphate of copper and aluminum.” This stone has been a long-time favorite of mine for two main reasons. First, I adore the colors of the stone as it reminds me of the natural world, incorporating the many different shades of land and water. And second, I love it for the vibrations it brings to life.

For many, many generations turquoise has been associated as a stone of protection. It is also an extremely common stone found largely in the equestrian world. Upon this realization, I decided to dive deeper to see where this connection lies.

Turquoise: Protective Stone of the Horse

Ancient World

In the ancient world, turquoise was used to predict upcoming dangers. Native Americans believed that the stone would change colors if danger was coming. If a mainly blueish stone would turn greenish, the danger was soon to approach and vice versa. For this reason, Native Americans attached it to their horse’s bridles as a talisman of protection and to their arrows for precise aim. The stone would serve as a heads-up if an enemy was approaching, giving the Native Americans time to form a plan and execute it to their advantage.

Modern World 

In the modern world, I see many riders choose tack with real pieces of turquoise stone attached. I think this is mostly done just based on its beautiful color, but with a closer look maybe they are actually carrying on the tradition of the stone’s metaphysical properties. We may not be riding into battle on our horses anymore, but I’m sure most equestrians would agree that we could always use a little added protection whether we’re competing or riding for personal enjoyment.

Turquoise: Protective Stone of the Horse

Now, when you see that age-old picture of a turquoise and feather-decorated paint horse ready for battle with the wind blowing its mane and tail, and its head gracefully bowed down to the earth, you will understand the symbolism of protection the photograph embodies.

I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on the stone. Did you know of its metaphysical properties or were you just fascinated by its memorizing colors? Either way, I would love to hear from you! Drop a comment below or message me on my personal Instagram @unbridledmama.

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Emily Griffin

Emily Griffin is a mama to three stunning daughters, a wife to her hunky husband, an experienced equestrian, and an Arizona native. She is also a certified doula and owner and founder of Unbridled Mama Doula Services. She resides in a very small town in Southeastern, Arizona. Her days consist of raising children, everything equine, reading/ writing, and balancing the fine line between motherhood and insanity. She appreciates nature, the smell of a satisfying rain, and the lovely sunsets the Arizona deserts have to offer. Her life is unbridled in every sense of the word and she wouldn't have it any other way! Follow her on Instagram at @unbridledmama.

February 10, 2023