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Decorating Your Barn for Fall

  • Emily Fought
  • Sep 23, 2021

Fall is here! Some of you may have noticed it gets dark sooner and leaves have become to change colors. If you’ve done any shopping recently, then you have probably seen mums, Halloween candy and costumes, pumpkins, and other fall decor. It can really get you in the mood to decorate. In addition to your…

What to Expect When Buying Horse Stalls

Buying horse stalls is not the easiest process and there’s a lot that goes into the planning process. We will discuss everything you need to expect when buying horse stalls, from start to finish, including:


Choosing Horse Stalls

Delivery Options

Packaging Horse Stalls

Tracking Your Order

Setting Up Delivery

My Daily Barn Routine

There are no days off when you have animals in your life.  Despite the time spent I wouldn’t trade my lifestyle for anything.

My mornings begin at 7:00am when I head straight out to feed the horses breakfast.  My horses eat a local grass hay which is a mix of Timothy, orchard,…

5 Insect Eaters to Have Around the Barn

In the horse world, spring is synonymous with three things: shedding, sunshine, and the onset of super annoying insects. At least one of those things is pleasant, right!?

However, to deal insects and make barn life altogether easier, you can encourage several different insect-eating species to live nearby. Each of…

Installing a French Drain Near the Barn

My husband and I first moved to our property in the country some twenty years ago, and since we didn’t have a big budget to work with, we decided to build everything ourselves, spread out over a period of years. First came fencing and a small shed for the…

Celebrate Galentine’s Day at the Barn

February may be associated with Valentine’s Day and your special someone, but there’s another holiday you don’t want to miss! It’s called Galentine’s Day. This “made up” holiday is celebrated on February 13th. It’s basically a day in which you shower your closest gal pals with love. 

Since most equestrians…

The Ultimate Christmas Wishlist for Your Barn

Children aren’t the only ones scribbling a wishlist to Santa Klaus. Many horse owners have a few things they’d like to request, as well! This list might include some new tack or riding apparel. And for those that have their own barn, you might find a few dreamy items…

20 DIY Barn Hacks

Most equestrians wish they had more time to ride and enjoy their horse. Between chores and tidying up the barn, your time disappears faster than you can blink. As the famous motto goes, “work smarter, not harder!” And thanks to these DIY barn hacks, you’ll be able to do…

Why Every Barn Needs a Cat

Nowadays, it’s rare to see a horse barn without a cat. Most of the time they just appear one day, making a home in the hay loft. Because pest control is always a concern on farms, these barn cats are usually welcomed and encouraged to stay!

I’m not talking about…