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Treating Cushing’s Disease with Chaste Tree Berry

Up until this point, my experience with the disease was very minimal. My mare was showing signs familiar to the disease. She was lethargic, her coat was not shedding properly (patches of thick curly hair remained on her coat known as hirsutism), excessive drinking which led to frequent urination,…

Barnyard Companions for Your Lonely Horse

Most horses thrive in a herd environment. They band with others in small groups for companionship and protection. While some horses prefer to stick to themselves, this is quite rare. Without a friend, most horses become lonely and depressed. However, it might not be feasible to have two horses….

Healthy Herbs for Horses

These days, many people are interested in feeding a more natural diet to their horses. A forage-based diet is always best, but when supplementing certain nutrients or when dealing with specific conditions, herbs can be a great addition to your horse’s diet. Here are a few you might be…

Fall Horse Myths

There are many different opinions when it comes to horse keeping and making sense of it boils down to your own trial and error to find out what works best for you and your horses. Here are some common horse myths that specifically relate to the fall season.

Myth: Horses…

Manure Management Tips

If you’ve had horses for any length of time, it’s probably safe to assume you’ve spent many an hour shoveling poo. Since the average horse produces around fifty pounds of manure each day, this adds up quickly, as one might imagine.


Manure management is essential not only for aesthetic reasons…

5 Easy Acupressure Points to Use on Your Horse

Though it’s often confused with acupuncture, acupressure involves no needles, making it an easy, effective tool to use in everyday life with horses. 


TCM views the body as a whole, integrated system with mind, body, and spirit all being connected, and one of the foundational beliefs is that a life…

Bringing Your Horses Home 

Bringing your horses home to your own property after boarding them somewhere else is a dream for many horse owners. Before you make the big move, there are some things to consider to prepare for a smooth transition. 

If your property is already set up for horses, you may be…

Round Pen Safety 101

I’ve owned horses my entire life, but about fifteen years ago, I had my first experience starting several young horses under saddle. I can safely say, both the horses and I learned a great deal during those two summers!

As many people do, I used a round pen throughout the…

Can Barefoot Work for Your Horse?

While some people just remove the shoes and hope for the best, it’s better to dive into the world of barefoot prepared.

Barefoot horses must be supported with the right diet, the right trim, movement, and even varied footing, such as hard ground, sand, or gravel. Conversely, horses who are…