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My Weekend At TIEC

Tyron International Equestrian Center, also known as TIEC for short, is any horse show competitor’s dream. Actually, I revise that to be “any horse show competitor’s, trainer’s, parent’s, cheering squad’s, or groom’s dream”. When my younger brother visited me there, he was walking around with his mouth wide open….

The First

.  I still remember the dream that I had at five, even though I am now sixty three.  A pony of my own in a pony sized barn. And I never was so happy than in that dream.  


I begged my parents for a horse and he arrived when…

Gift Ideas for the Horse Show Mom

Whether your horse show mom is your actual mom, someone else’s mom, your friend, your trainer, or a fellow competitor you have teamed up with, show them some love this Mother’s Day with some special gifts that are not only useful but also very thoughtful.

Gift Certificate for a Massage…

My Simple Thank You to an Incrediable Woman

I believe that anyone who has a successful equine career or a lifelong dedication to horses in any way has encountered one special person who has nurtured their love and guided them along the way. Whether that person is a parent, trainer, or a mentor. As for myself, I…

Lady Long Rider

RAMM Horse Fencing and Stalls hosted a presentation and book signing event for “Lady Long Rider”, Bernice Ende. She started her first Long Ride in her 50’s traveling 2,000 miles to visit her sister.  Currently, she is still long riding with 2 horses, no cell phone, some maps and…

My favorite items for Spring

Spring Grooming
Hurray! We have transitioned into warmer weather and the much anticipated season of Spring! Our horses are slowly but surely shedding their winter coats and we are all holding our breath to see if dapples will reappear! This time of year always seems to wreck havoc on Chloe’s…


Social media and the internet make it so easy to have access to the world of horse products.  There are more options than ever on the market these days but it can be quite overwhelming to know what to choose and what products really work.

Today I wanted to share…

Fun Ways to Bond with Your Horse

Spending time with your horse and developing a bond can be extremely beneficial. Mutual trust and respect is formed from this extra time spent together. There’s something special about creating a genuine relationship with your horse. While it won’t happen overnight, the process can be exciting and a lot…

Old Horses

I was ten when my parents decided to lease the twenty-one year old mare I’d formerly taken lessons on, and boy, oh boy, was I thrilled. You see, Lady Be Good was a one-of-a-kind horse. The kind you could put a complete novice on and know they’d be safe….