My horses are like family to me; I’m sure many of you feel the same way.

Horses are much more than magnificent animals to us as owners. They even understand how we feel each day we are with them.  It’s also amazing to me too, that we are able to harness the power of a 1,200-pound animal.



As a horse owner myself, I feel we need to give them the best care we can. Taking time with horses to teach them to trust you and other the ‘scary’ obstacles that come into your path builds confidence in you both.  We also need to protect them from inclement weather, provide a clean stall, fresh water, and give them room to be outside in safe paddocks so they can just be horses.



Over my lifetime, owning over 30 horses (and still counting), I have had to look at maintenance on the farm in a practical way.  If not, horses can be a burden rather than a pleasure. Something as simple as ongoing purchases (like feed) can grow large quickly over time if you do not shop smart or consider the value you’re getting for the dollar amount.  I’m a strong Dave Ramsey girl, meaning, I look at the budget closely but still provide the products needed to keep my horses in the best care and health.



Quality, long-lasting fencing for horses has been in my blood for years.  It is hard to drive down the highway or road and see farms that look like an accident waiting to happen. Maybe you feel the same way too. It is easier and more cost-effective to avoid an accident with your horse than to have to care for them after the fact. I also believe we put hard-earned money into our horses’ pastures.  It is a given fencing will be one of our expenses. I’m sure you want to find fencing that is strong, looks beautiful and will last a lifetime. My family and I have strong beliefs about giving a friend what they expect, in making promises with a handshake and standing by that promise. Old fashioned principles are honorable still yet today.  



Our family manufactures fencing (and stalls) for horses.  From our hearts, we truly wanted to make a fence that would be safer than the traditional fence and pack every value into it that we could.  Over 30 years ago, we brought Flex Fence® onto the market. We greatly thought about what horse owners want in a fence – strength, beauty, long-lastingness, and a comparable price to the traditional fence. That was our goal 30 years ago and still is today.


As a family, we work together daily to literally serve horse owners across the nation and across the pond.  We love to talk to our customers about their farms and most of all about their horses! We welcome any of your questions or comments about fencing or layout ideas.