These cities welcome horse lovers with open arms!

Travelers can visit some amazing horse places in the United States for their next getaway. Each equestrian destination offers something unique! From live horse racing and A-rated shows to scenic trail rides and beach adventures this top list of equestrian places will wow you. Some of these cities are hidden gems, while others are well-known by the horse community. Add your favorite to your dream vacation!

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10. Bryce Canyon, Utah

Located in Southwestern Utah, the Bryce Canyon National Park is an exquisite place definitely worth checking out. This popular horse destination is a favorite among trail riders. It consists of a collection of natural amphitheaters and structures called hoodoos. A beautiful color palette of orange, red, and white covers the rocks. Enjoy a guided ride in one of the world’s most unique horse-friendly spots.

9. North Salem, New York

Just a short distance from New York City, this town is filled with beautiful horse farms. It has over 100 miles of protected trails for the dedicated horseman and woman. It seems almost everyone in this area has a horse or is a rider! It’s infectious. With gorgeous weather nine months of the year, it’s no wonder this place is an equestrian’s paradise.

8. Middleburg, Virginia

English riders can appreciate this horsey place. Famous for its stonewalls and green pastures, Middleburg is well-loved by the horse community. Some people consider it the nation’s horse and hunt capital. It features mild weather, historic charm, and good-natured people. While you’re visiting, consider attending the Upperville Colt & Horse Show. It was one of the first shows to be organized in the United States.

7. Woodstock, Vermont

Spend your summer days checking out this small town. A flourishing horse community, miles of trails, and cool weather make it a favorite among riders. The Green Mountain Horse Association has a top-notch facility that is appreciated by all horse fans. 

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6. Aiken, South Carolina

Filled with a rich horse history and culture, Aiken is popular in the winter. It boasts some of the finest facilities in the United States. Top equestrian competitions draw people from all over! It’s well known for polo, fox hunting, eventing, show jumping, and trail riding. It truly is a horse-riding paradise. 

5. Woodside, California

This wealthy town is no stranger is elegant horse farms. With a thriving horse community, it establishes horse-friendly policies and works hard to maintain them. Furthermore, riders can enjoy an elaborate trail system. The weather makes it possible to ride year-round! 

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4. Wellington, Florida

There are lots of events in this world-famous city! Wellington caters to both equestrians and polo players. You can view top-level competitions at the International Polo Club and Palm Beach Equestrian Center. Add it to the list of desirable winter destinations with its balmy weather.

3. Louisville, Kentucky

Racing fans will want to head over to Louisville. It hosts the first event of the Triple Crown also known as the Kentucky Derby. This famous race takes place at the Churchill Downs track. There’s even a Kentucky Derby Museum! During the off-season, you can watch simulcast racing.

2. Ocala, Florida

Named the horse capital of the world, Ocala is filled with green fields and spectacular barns. Many professional riders and trainers head down to this place in the winter months to soak up its mild weather. While you’re there, it’s essential to check out the Florida Horse Park. You can catch international-level competitions in three-day eventing, polo, and other disciplines.

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1. Lexington, Kentucky

The world’s best breeders live in Lexington. There’s no mystery why this horse place is so popular. Known as the Bluegrass region, it seems to have the perfect conditions for raising and training youngsters. Don’t forget the fact that it’s home to the Kentucky Horse Park. Horse lovers will thoroughly enjoy this tourist attraction!

Whether you stay for a weekend or move your life there, these top horse places in the United States are perfect for equestrians. Sign me up for one of these getaways!


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  1. Edward Easton

    January 15, 2021

    Does anyone know of any living communities (other than the Amish) where you can get about with a horse and buggy, or by horseback, and where you won’t be fined if your horse takes a dump on a main thoroughfare?