Thinking towards the month of giving and receiving, I think that it is important for equestrians to really embrace giving. Every day we receive, the ability to climb up on a horses’ back and go for a ride. It is arguably the best thing to receive, and equestrians are lucky to have this almost every day. 

I have been pondering on what to get my trainer for Christmas because not only is she my rock, but she also rides my horse when I cannot, she mucks his stall and takes as good of care as I do, she listens and teaches, and she puts in so much time in order to better my horse and I. There is really nothing to give when she does that for me every day. I want it to be special and meaningful but also useful. So, this is when I began to really think deep down. 

Maybe this is the perfect time to offer a day of service and help. Offer to clean the barn and do the chores for a day so she can have a break. I realized not every gift has to be monetary because at the end of the day does it really compare to her effort and work…. No. 

I always struggle with gifts because I want it to be exciting and something that person doesn’t expect. I don’t want to just give something that will be opened and then stuffed away in a room that will never be used. It is hard to come up with that perfect thing. 

Then let’s not forget the money aspect. If I had all the money in the world, this task would be much easier. But usually if you are boarding and paying for lessons, the budget when it comes to giving is a gift is sparse. 

I tried to think outside the box. Asking other boarders in the barn to split a gift so we can get something a little bit grander, but I am back to thinking that this just isn’t meaningful or special enough. 

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So, this year I want to offer my services, a day where my trainer does not have to clean the whole barn and do all the chores herself or pay someone to do it. Because rest is so important, especially for someone who every day, wakes up to care for others’ horses and work to better those riders. 

Now this does not mean you cannot give something; I will probably end up baking cookies or buying a nick knack gift to give that has proven to be useful. I just think that after a tough year where most barn owners were left to taking care of things all by their self, it would be special and appreciated to offer a service. 

This also appeals to the crowd that struggles every year with not having an appropriate budget to do something special. Not every gift has to be monetary, and I think that is also very important to consider after a year of dealing with a pandemic. Many people are not in the position to purchase something. This goes for non-equestrians as well, cooking a meal, cleaning someone’s yard or just simply giving company to those who are alone. Service is just as appreciated, if not more. 

So, during a time of giving and receiving, remember the options are endless and purchasing something is not always necessary. 

Happy holidays and make someone smile in a different kind of way this season. 

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Devyn I Trethewey

One thing I know for sure is that my passion is equestrian. I have spent my whole life riding, grooming and shaping my future to incorporate horses, somehow. I discovered in college how to combine horses with writing and social media and I enjoy every minute of it. When I am not writing or riding, I am most likely on the beach, probably thinking about horses.

December 7, 2021