Make your life easier by trying these DIY barn hacks!

Most equestrians wish they had more time to ride and enjoy their horse. Between chores and tidying up the barn, your time disappears faster than you can blink. As the famous motto goes, “work smarter, not harder!” And thanks to these DIY barn hacks, you’ll be able to do just that!

  1. Coffee drinkers will have an edge here! Next time you go to the supermarket, buy one of those big plastic coffee containers. After you’re done with the coffee, reuse the container as a feed scooper.
  2. You can prevent cross-ties from banging on your walls by adding a tennis ball on each end.
  3. A pool skimmer is very handy for cleaning water troughs. It can scoop up leaves, hay, and bugs that fall into the water.
  4. By hanging dryer sheets around your barn, you can deter rodents and flies!
  5. Does your horse like to chew on their stall or wood fencing? Try rubbing a bar of soap on the surface. It should discourage them.
  6. Diapers to the rescue! You can wrap a hoof or wound with one. They keep the area clean, dry, and protected from bugs. A size 5 usually does the trick.
  7. From paddock boots to your horse’s body, baby wipes are a great cleaning option. They’re usually safe for even sensitive horses! A quick wipe over your boots or tack will easily clean up dirt and sweat. Talk about a multi-functional product!
  8. If you forgot your sweat scraper, try using a piece of baling twine. You just need to hold it taut and run it over their wet body.
  9. You can break in a new pair of boots by wearing damp socks. Once the socks dry, the boot should conform to your shape.
  10. Coconut oil can be used as an alternative to traditional hoof oil. A small paintbrush makes it easy to apply! 
  11. Before you throw out your old tube socks, try using them as fly protection on your horse’s legs.
  12. Scrub water buckets and feed tubs with vinegar! Most people have a bottle in their kitchen. It’s even helpful in deodorizing stalls.
  13. If you need a quick blanket rack, then try making your own. You need a thin piece of PVC piping and some bailing twine. Tie the twine on each side of the pipe and hang it up on a stall!
  14. You can install broom bristles on the opening of your horse’s stall to prevent bedding from escaping.
  15. Bathe your horse quicker by scraping off excess water and shampoo before you rinse. You’ll also save water that way!
  16. Cut down on wet, muddy areas by throwing down some thick mulch. This can be especially helpful by the gate or water trough.
  17. Is your horse rubbing on your fence? Give that itchy horse a scratch post! You can screw some massage mitts and rubber curry combs to a round fence post in the center of your field.
  18. Skip expensive ice boots and wrap your horse’s leg with freeze pops. 
  19. If your horse has a white tail, then you need to try ketchup in it! Let it soak for 10 to 20 minutes, then wash it out. Your horse’s tail should be gleaming white.
  20. Head to your local craft store for this next hack! You’ll need some Velcro stripes. Stick a row of them on your door or wall. Your horse’s protective boots will attach right to it!

Do you have any DIY barn hacks you’d like to share? Let’s help each other out!


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Emily Fought

Emily Fought discovered her passion for horses early on in life. When she isn't writing about them, you can find her in the barn riding. Although Emily's background is in dressage, she enjoys cross-training and is an avid trail rider. She resides in Northeastern Ohio with her husband and small dog. Together, they own and operate Humblewood Farm. Emily not only writes for but as well!

September 9, 2020