Are you looking for a non-electric fresh water source for horses? RAMM’s Ultimate Drinking Post Waterer may be a solution to your water-filling chores. It receives water from below your local frost line with every use, so it can stand unused for years at a time and instantly produce fresh, clean, 50°F water during any season of the year.

*These waterers have been in the field since 1974 and have yet to have a report of an animal that could not learn how to use it.


  • Frost-free, 50°F water year-round
  • Automatic with no standing water; providing a clean, fresh water source for horses
  • Non-electric; eliminating heated water costs
  • Available in sizes ranging from 6′ to 10′ long; great for any size equine
  • Easy to install
  • Low-maintenance
  • 5-Year Ltd. Mfg. Warranty

Non-electric Freshwater Source for Horses

Installation Considerations

There are some different things to consider when planning an Ultimate Drinking Post Waterer installation.

  • Frost Depth: These waterers are available in sizes ranging from 6′ to 10′ in length. You will need to research what your property’s frost depth is. Then, choose a size based on the frost depth in combination with the size of your animal. It is imperative to dig at least 28” below the frost line. This way you will have room to put in 10” x 36” x 36” of washed rock and still install the base of the drinking post 18” below the frost line.
  • Water Pressure: The optimum water pressure requirement for the Ultimate Drinking Post Waterer is between 25 and 65 PSI. Water pressure under 25 PSI will not allow the waterer to function properly. Anything over 65 PSI will require a pressure reducer.

Please visit for the full, in-depth installation instructions PDF.

Non-electric Freshwater Source for Horses

Training Tips

The number of times you need to repeat this training schedule varies. Some animals take a few days (i.e. showing them twice a day), while some only need one lesson. Since 1974, there’s never been a report of an animal that couldn’t learn how to use it. The paddle is very, very easy to activate; a two-month-old foal can learn to use the Ultimate Drinking Post Waterer.

  1. There must be no other water within reach. Your animal will not rely on the waterer unless it has no other means to quench its thirst.
  2. Your animal needs to be thirsty. Depending on the weather, feed, etc… it could mean waiting up to 8 hours without water. Once your animal is thirsty, offer water from the Ultimate Drinking Post Waterer.
  3. When your animal is thirsty… walk to the waterer with it. Only once, push the paddle down until the bowl is filled and walk away immediately. If you stay and continue to fill the bowl for your horse, it will
    be training you to fill its bowl!

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December 6, 2022