I have always been a long-time fan of the American Paint Horse. Maybe that’s because my heart horse is a Paint and has left an undeniable mark on my soul or maybe it’s because I’ve always been obsessed with the relationship Native American Indians have had with these horses over the generations. Regardless of the reason, there is no denying the American Paint Horse has so much to offer. 

In the early 1500s, the Spanish explorers brought what experts believe were the predecessors of the American Paint Horse. These horses were two-toned colored horses who roamed the lands and caught the eye of the Native American Indians. The Native American’s then domesticated and bred these horses. Throughout history, Native American Indian’s have held these horses to an almost sacred standard. 

Most people are fond of the breed due to its eye-catching color. With that being said, there are three main types of Paint horses Overo, Tabiano, Tovero. Overo patterned horses have irregular white patches across their bodies, though their backs are usually a solid color. The legs are colored but can have white stockings. The face is mainly white. Tabiano patterned horses usually have color over one or both flanks with rounded white patches around their withers and tail. The head is colored and can have markings, such as stars, blazes, or strips. The tail and mane hair can be of two colors. And lastly, the Tovero colored Paint is mainly white on the body while the upper head, chest, and flank areas are a color. 

There is no denying the American Paint Horse’s beauty, but they are more than just a pretty face as Shania Twain would say. They have a well-rounded temperament, well-balanced stature, and are a relaxed horse. They enjoy the company of other horses as well as your company! 

Unfortunately, many breeders in today’s world only breed for color rather than intelligence and conformation which has given the breed a bad reputation. Even though the horse may have a great disposition many equestrians will turn down a great horse solely based on its color which makes American Paint Horses one of the most popular breeds to be found in rescues and kill pens. 

There are many ways you can help donate to Paint Horse rescues and also adopt a Paint horse in need of a loving home. A quick Google search will yield you with all the information needed to do so. 

Regardless of their color, American Paint Horses make for a wonderful companion in whatever your equine desires are. You can find them anywhere from the rodeo, jumping, working cattle, to trail riding. They are a versatile breed and eager to please! 

I would love to hear from you if you also enjoy the American Paint Horse or a different breed is your favorite! Please drop a comment below or message me on my personal Instagram @unbridledmama. 


Emily Griffin is a mama to two stunning daughters, a wife to her hunky husband, an experienced equestrian, and an Arizona native. She resides in a very small town in Southeastern, Arizona. Her days consist of raising children, everything equine, reading/ writing, and balancing the fine line between motherhood and insanity. She appreciates nature, the smell of a satisfying rain, and the lovely sunsets the Arizona deserts have to offer. Her life is unbridled in every sense of the word and she wouldn’t have it any other way! Follow her on Instagram at @unbridledmama.


August 4, 2020