I haven’t had any sugar in 5 days.

Or dairy. Or bread. Or alcohol. Or basically, anything else that I typically eat on an hourly basis. Yes, as you may have guessed, I am jumping on the Whole30 trend. I am doing it not to lose weight, but to just feel better and to detox my body of Goldfish, cheese, bread, cheese, sugar, and did I mention cheese yet? I am telling you this to make what I want to say next more impactful. Despite being in a sad and dark place without my cheese (I kid, sort of), I am still beyond excited about this new year and what possibilities it has in store for me. So many times we tend to put ourselves last, or even second. Whether it is a demanding job, a challenging school schedule, a helpless toddler (or husband, LOL) or a continuously needy friend, we are so accustomed to focusing on everyone else first and putting their needs before our own. Don’t get me wrong, I think wanting to help others and wanting to give any task your complete 100% is not only commendable, but it is necessary. It is also necessary, however, to take care of yourself. If you are unhappy, run down or just in a funk, how can you be there effectively for anyone else or anything else? The answer is you can’t. Not long term anyway.

My challenge to you for the rest of this month is to put yourself first. This can mean so many different things. For some, it could mean riding your horse more. It could mean starting your mornings doing yoga instead of answering work emails. For others, it could be as simple as saying “no” more often. For me, it is going to be a few things. As I mentioned, I am going to try to watch what I put in my body. I am also going to keep with my exercise routine. For so long I have been in a haze and just so tired and I am hoping that watching what I eat and exercising daily will help. I am going to try to be in the moment when I am with Chloe at the barn, and not trying to rush to get back home to my family responsibilities. The barn is where I can turn off all the noise that is constantly in my head and I definitely want to allow myself more “me-time” there. I am going to have dinner with my girlfriends more often because it is important to have a support system and you can always count on your friends to make you laugh. I am going to take more bubble baths with a good book when my kids are finally asleep instead of cleaning the house because sometimes relaxing is more important than picking up the toys.

I am excited to see what 2019 will mean for me. I hope that getting more physically and mentally healthy will not only create more opportunities for me, but more opportunities that I can really appreciate. I really want to live my best life and I am so appreciative to all of you that are so supportive and along for the Horse Glam ride! Comment or message me and let me know how you are going to put yourself first this month! We can do it!


**Andrea Wise graduated from Wake Forest University School of Law in 2007, where afterward she spent 7 years as a commercial real-estate attorney.  In 2012, she launched the equestrian company, Pony Glam, which makes and sells the only colored hoof dressing for horses. She is also the voice behind the new equestrian lifestyle blog, Horse Glam. Andrea lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her husband, Zach, two young children, cat and horse, Chloe.

January 3, 2019
January 9, 2019