Get your barn buddies together and have a good time!

February may be associated with Valentine’s Day and your special someone, but there’s another holiday you don’t want to miss! It’s called Galentine’s Day. This “made up” holiday is celebrated on February 13th. It’s basically a day in which you shower your closest gal pals with love. 

Since most equestrians are close with their barn buddies, it’s fitting that you’d celebrate this fun holiday at the barn! Now’s your chance to tell your friends just how much they mean to you. From the long trail rides to the barn sleepovers, no girl would be complete without her horse friends. You can also spend this special time with your hooved friends, as well!


Ideas for Celebrating Galentine’s Day at the Barn


Movie Night in the Lounge

Every girl loves her horse movies! A heated lounge is the perfect place to host a movie night. Bring extra blankets, some popcorn, and a few different movies to pick from. Some classics include National Velvet, Black Beauty, Misty, and Seabiscuit. What better way to spend an evening than by watching your favorite movies together?!?

Go for a Trail Ride

Trail riding with friends can be much more enjoyable than going alone. Get a group together of your favorite girls and head out on a fun adventure. There’s nothing better than quality time with your barn buddies and horse. You might even try a different path or trailer out to somewhere new. Don’t forget to snap some pictures; these memories are worth saving!

Exchange Gifts

Your barn buddy likely knows exactly what you want- more horse tack and supplies, of course! It can be a lot of fun exchanging gifts with someone who knows you and your horse so well. A simple gift goes a long way in showing how much your friend means to you. Some great ideas include new riding gloves or socks, a few grooming brushes, saddle pad, horse tee-shirt, magazine subscription, or even a horsehair bracelet.

Mix Up Some Homemade Treats

Bring some special ingredients and make no-bake horse treats with your best friend. The horses at your barn will be more than willing to sample a few!

Try this easy recipe! You’ll need six chopped carrots, two cups of quick oats, some molasses, and some grain. Start by mixing the carrots, molasses and grain in a large bowl. The carrots should be completely covered. Next, place a few tablespoons of the mixture into the oats and roll it into a ball. Continue with the rest of the mixture. Each ball should be wrapped in foil and placed in a freezer or outside (if it’s cold enough). Let each ball thaw just a little bit before feeding them. Or try this ” Homemade Horse Cookies” recipe. 

Decorate Your Horse’s Stall

Quite a few riders decorate their horse’s stall for Christmas, so why not for this holiday! Dress up your horse’s stall with red hearts and Cupid’s arrows. If you’re old enough, then bring out some red wine and make it a decorating party! You can even try some DIY crafts like candy heart garland made from colored paper and string. Make sure your horse can’t reach it though!

Throw a Holiday Party

And possibly the best idea, throw a Galentine’s Day party at the barn! Here’s the perfect excuse to get a few of your closest barn friends together for a fun evening of food, drinks, and desserts. You can even make it a potluck and have everyone bring their favorite dish! I’m sure you’ll have lots to catch up on… from horses to significant others.

This holiday may seem silly to some, but why not celebrate your friendships at the barn! These ladies likely have your back through thick and thin. Let them know just how special they are to you!

**Horse Cookie photo by @silveroaksfarm

Emily Fought

Emily Fought discovered her passion for horses early on in life. When she isn't writing about them, you can find her in the barn riding. Although Emily's background is in dressage, she enjoys cross-training and is an avid trail rider. She resides in Northeastern Ohio with her husband and small dog. Together, they own and operate Humblewood Farm. Emily not only writes for but as well!

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