Take a break from teaching with these five read along horse books!

What better way to keep your littles busy than a book. Not everyone has access to horse books or sometimes you just need a break from reading so a great resource is YouTube. There are so many read along books available. Here are just a few:

1.Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse by Rebecca Janni

In Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse, Nellie Sue does everything with a western flair. Whether it is cleaning up the animal sty (picking up her stuffed animals) or rounding up cattle (getting the neighborhood kids together for her birthday party), she does it like a true cowgirl. All she really needs is a horse. So when Dad announces at her birthday party, “I got a horse right here for you,” Nellie Sue is excited. But when her horse turns out to be her first bicycle, it will take an imagination as big as Texas to help save the day. Purchase HERE


2. Robert the Rose Horse By Joan Heilbronner

An allergy to roses causes this city horse many problems until, one time, his sneezes save the day. Purchase HERE

3. The Horse in Harry’s Room by Syd Hoff

Harry keeps a horse in his room. A trusty horse only he can see. But then his parents take him to the country to see “real” horses. Horses that are free to run, kick, and nibble. Now Harry must decide: Does his horse need to be free, too? Purchase HERE

4. The Wild Little Horse by Rita Grey

An exhilarating adventure awaits Little Horse, just starting to explore the world beyond his cozy barn.Trotting past sleepy meadows, then gaining speed as the rolling sea beckons, he becomes Wild Little Horse. But home is never far away—Papa Horse and Mama Mare follow close behind. Purchase HERE

5. The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses By Paul Goble

“There was a girl in the village who loved horses… She led the horses to drink at the river. She spoke softly and they followed. People noticed that she understood horses in a special way.”
And so begins the story of a young Native American girl devoted to the care of her tribe’s horses. With simple text and brilliant illustrations. Paul Goble tells how she eventually becomes one of them to forever run free. Purchase HERE

If you enjoyed these books please consider purchasing them to support the authors.

Gretchen Foels

Gretchen Foels is just a dairy-free lady who loves her pupper Bea, cooking, specialty coffee, and plants. She also freelances harp, photography, and videography.