With Spring just around the corner, organizing the barn usually moves to the top of our  to-do list,

 as well as selling that spare tack we are no longer using. If you are anything  like me, and many other horse people I know, we have a habit of keeping tack, and other  horse related items, way longer than we need to, simply because “we might need that.”  Though this is true in some cases, mainly for boarding, lesson, or training barns that have  different horses coming and going often, the rest of us really can’t keep using that  excuse. Decluttering what we don’t need anymore helps us make room, and afford, what  we actually need, or want. Which is why I am sharing with you a few ways to go about  selling your spare tack. 

Assess Your Items 

Before you can start selling your spare tack you will need to assess your items. Once you have decided what tack, and other horse related items you no longer need, then you have to make a decision based on the condition of the item. If you have items that are still in  good condition, but not something you think will sell, you could consider donating those  items. You may have to do a quick search, but there are plenty of 4H clubs, non-profit  equine rescues, or therapy barns that are running on limited resources, who would gladly receive your donations. If the item is new, or still in fairly new condition, and you want to  sell it, then it’s time to move on to figuring which of the options below will be the best  way for you to sell your spare tack. 

List Your Tack On The Internet 

Once upon a time there were the classifieds, then came Craigslist, and now your options  of where to sell items online are limitless! From Facebook Marketplace, and Facebook  groups specifically for selling tack, to Ebay, or tack consignment websites. Just about  any website that you can sell something on, you can find all kinds of tack, and horse  related items for sale. All you have to do is create a listing, post a few pictures of the  item, set a price for the item, and list the size and condition of the item in a brief  description. Once the post is listed all you have to do is wait for someone to buy it. 

*A Word Of Caution* 

When it comes to shipping, I cannot stress enough to determine how you would package  the item for shipping, and taking it to your available shipping options (Post Office, UPS,  FedEx, etc…) to get an estimated shipping cost before you list your item online! I say take  it to the shipping option location, because recently I calculated the estimated shipping  price for an item I was selling, but when I brought it to the shipping location, I found the  actual shipping cost to be much higher than the estimate on the website. I learned this  lesson the hard way, and barely made a profit after paying the shipping cost. I also  learned that boxes really bring the shipping price up due to their dimensions. If the item is something like a blanket or saddle pad a lot of people recommend shipping the item in a  feed bag to cut down the cost of shipping. 

Consign Your Tack 

Consigning spare tack is a great option if you don’t have the time, or the desire, to do the  selling part yourself. The way consignment works is you bring your items to the  consignment store where they will price, and sell the item for you. When your item has 

sold they will take a pre-determined percentage of the proceeds, and write you a check  for the remainder of the sale amount. So easy! One of my local tack stores will consign  certain English discipline items that are in fairly new condition. While there is also  another tack consignment store nearby that will consign anything horse related ranging  from all styles of tack, barn items, books, horse décor, and jewelry. I’m lucky enough to  have both of these stores nearby, but if you don’t have a tack store with the option of  consignment I have heard that there are tack consignment websites that you could look  into using as well. 

Flea Markets 

A flea market is another great option for selling your spare tack. This one is going to be  an almost all day event on a Saturday or Sunday, or both if you’re up for it. To get a good  spot you will need to arrive really early, especially if the flea market functions on a first  come first serve basis. It’s rare, but there are some flea markets that do allow you to  reserve a table prior to the weekend. You will have to pay the price for the table, or  space you choose which may vary from place to place. Most of the ones that I have been  to are between $15 – $50 per table. I’ve never sold tack at a flea market myself, but I have seen a few tables with tack and horse supplies at most of the flea markets I have been to. 

Have A Barn-Yard Sale 

Yes, this option for selling your spare tack is actually your typical yard sale, only at the  barn. It does take a little bit of advertising, but I have seen that taking pictures of what  you plan on selling, and adding those to a Facebook post advertising your barn-yard sale  in local Facebook groups is a great way to attract attention. Plus if you are a lesson, or  boarding barn you can promote your business at the same time. 

I hope this list of options on the many ways you can go about selling your spare tack has  been helpful. Leave us a comment, and tell us which option is your go to for selling tack  you no longer use.


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