No horse facility is complete without one!

Round pens are a great investment for horse farms. They allow you to train and evaluate your horse in a more controlled space. The greatest benefit is how versatile they are. Almost all types of riders and horses can utilize these smaller, confided arenas. Many trainers find them indispensable!

The average round pen has no corners and smooth sides. Most trainers also prefer them to be at least six feet high. Furthermore, many choose a diameter of 60 feet across. Your horse may not be able to canter comfortably in anything smaller than 45 or 50 feet. Round pens come in all shapes and sizes to meet your individual needs though.

A Safe Training Area

Whether you have a young horse or one with limited experienced, a round pen is a practical tool in training. Many trainers start their horses off by connecting with them. They work through various exercises to develop respect and leadership. They may also de-spook their horse with different types of obstacles. This enclosed space allows for more effective communication. The horse can’t run off, rather they can only continue circling.

An instructor might also use a round pen when working with a new rider. This smaller arena can be less intimidating. The rider doesn’t have to worry about steering the horse as much. They can use the opportunity to work on their position and comfort level.

Evaluate a Horse

In many situations, it can be helpful to evaluate a horse on the ground. You can judge their soundness, temperament, gaits and behavior. This enclosed area will allow your horse to move out freely without a lunge line or trainer interfering. 

When purchasing a horse, it’s imperative you see them move freely. You can watch their natural abilities and observe any lameness they may exhibit. You can also get a sense of their temperament and behavior. Are they sensitive and hot or slow and relaxed…? It will be much safer to see how they react to commands on the ground before you try them under saddle.

 Encourage Relaxation

Many riders like to lunge their horse prior to riding them. A round pen can be helpful in allowing your horse to move freely and work out any bucks or kinks. It will also give their muscles a chance to warm up for your ride. 

Furthermore, you may find it useful in developing a bond with your horse. Your horse can run as much as they want, but eventually they’ll settle down. Once they see you as less of a threat, then you can start forging a connection. It’s the perfect space for wild or feral horses! Within this safe space, you can groom, saddle and hang out with your horse.

From temporary turnout to lunging, round pens have a multitude of benefits. Ramm offers a few different options to meet your needs. With extra tall, light and heavy duty products, you’ll be able to work with your horse in a safe environment. See RAMM Flex Fence® Round Pen for more information!

Flex Fence® Round Pen

Emily Fought

Emily Fought discovered her passion for horses early on in life. When she isn't writing about them, you can find her in the barn riding. Although Emily's background is in dressage, she enjoys cross-training and is an avid trail rider. She resides in Northeastern Ohio with her husband and small dog. Together, they own and operate Humblewood Farm. Emily not only writes for but as well!