Horses have been on the battlefield alongside brave soldiers for centuries. And today they still serve with many brave military people in heroic acts of service throughout our great country. Horses are and have been some of the greatest unsung heroes.

In World Wars, horses were used not only to carry artillery and supplies but also soldiers that either needed medical help or the fallen. Some horses served by pulling medical ‘trailers’ for the injured horses… the situations they were used in were difficult. Inclement weather, mud, miles and miles of distance to be covered… many horses were used until they could go no further.  

Horses on the Battlefield Alongside Brave Soldiers

A British light bomber landed on the frozen lake of Jukajärvi in February of 1940 – horses tow the plane to shore for cover.

Stories of military men having immense respect for their horses are countless. Some even stayed behind to be with their trusted horses sacrificing their own lives and not leaving their horses’ sides. Countless photos show horse heroes with the troops, lined up along bunkers, harnessed and pulling artillery through mud-laden paths, packed with supplies and ammunition. They traveled miles and miles of distance daily, weekly… with heart and honor.  

Horses on the Battlefield Alongside Brave Soldiers

A battlefield photograph during World War I taken by noted Australian photographer, Frank Hurley.

They galloped into the enemy’s gunfire – towards almost certain death.  I am sure these horses felt the strength and courage of the soldiers around them and took on the spirit of their duties. They lived among those we honor and remember. Together, they formed troops of strength fighting for the freedoms that we have today.  

Some of these horses’ names echo through history… a mare called Sargent Reckless, Comanche, Marengo, and Gringolet, to name a very few. There were so many horses that carried soldiers across and through the battle lines.  

We honor and remember the soldiers who gave their lives for us to live in freedom. And we also recognize the horses that carried them, supported and worked by their sides… they are honorable and remembered heroes that gave their lives for our country.

The 13th Australian Light Horse Regiment in France, 1918.

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May 22, 2023