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Setting Equestrian-Related Goals for the New Year

When I was barrel racing competitively, I know I certainly was. In the beginning, I’d often set smaller goals such as riding five times a week, beating my previous time at a specific arena, placing a jackpot, etc. But as my horse and I improved, my goals expanded to…

Hello, Twenty Twenty!

The first blank page in a new journal or sketchbook begging to have words or pictures etched into its surface. 

A fresh start. A new beginning. A new year. The end of one decade and the beginning of another. 

Except this isn’t your typical ‘new year new me’ type of post….


Happy Holidays from me to you!  I love this time of year.  I love the smell of fresh pine in our home and I love the smell of spices simmering on the stovetop.  I love sitting in front of the fire, sipping my latte, wrapped up in a blanket. …

How to Safely Deck the Stalls 

Pine wreaths, garlands, and big red bows are a classic style. Twinkly lights add so much coziness on the long dark days of winter. Here are a few ideas for decorating your barn this holiday season. 


Horses are curious and anything that is even remotely within a nose’s reach is…

My First Podcast

 equestrian lifestyle podcast Late Night Riders operated by RAMM Fence. When I was initially asked if I would join them one evening as a guest, I of course said, “YES!” Like many, I love a good podcast and I was excited about being on the other end of one….

Peppermint: The Universal Perennial

Starbucks has rereleased their infamous peppermint-flavored mocha, chocolate bars with added peppermint extract is all around us, candy canes are found in every supermarket, and those Bob’s Sweet Stripes soft peppermint candies are lingering in every grocery store (and my tack room). 

Peppermint is a hybrid between wintergreen and spearmint…

Tips For The Perfect Holiday Horse Photoshoot

Just kidding. I have none! As someone that takes quite a few pictures with horses for my equestrian lifestyle blog, you would think that I really did have some pointers. I don’t. Today I attempted to take a picture for the cover page of my 2nd annual Horse Glam…

Stocking Stuffers for Equestrians

My ‘stocking stuffers for equestrians’ list is back for a second year.  The holidays will be here before we know it so here are some fun gift ideas.

1.  A Stitch in Stride – Equestrian mixed media art by Karina Harris.  Beautiful creations using paint and embroidery stitch.  Custom orders are…

10 Best-Selling Horse Books of All Time

There’s nothing quite like a good book and cup of coffee. Equestrians like their books just like anyone else. We grew up reading fictional stories about little girls and their ponies. And in adulthood, we turned to inspiring tales of famous horses. These fictional and nonfictional stories made us…

Healthy Fall Treats for Horses

 It’s a time to indulge in some of our favorite comfort foods like soups, chili, or apple pie. Our horses can enjoy the season a little more, too, with a healthy fall treat. Here are a few DIY ideas:
Pumpkin Cubes
(recipe modified from Cowgirl Magazine)


1 small pumpkin
1 tbsp…