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My First Podcast

  • Andrea Wise
  • Dec 10, 2019

 equestrian lifestyle podcast Late Night Riders operated by RAMM Fence. When I was initially asked if I would join them one evening as a guest, I of course said, “YES!” Like many, I love a good podcast and I was excited about being on the other end of one. When listening in my car, I…

Equestrian Podcasts – Are You Listening?

I’ve never been a podcast person until recently.  More than not you’ll find me listening to music and singing to myself or my horses.  One of my horses was recovering from an injury and required hand walking.  I decided to try a podcast for our walk and found I…

Are We Losing our Young Riders?

It’s all about horses. For over 30 years, I have watched the horse industry and the changes that occur.  Trends come and go, disciplines can sometimes grow into a wider range of acceptance and new breeds never cease to amaze me.  But one facet of our industry is starting…