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Introducing a New Horse to the Herd

Congratulations! You’ve just bought a new horse. Whether it is your first, a second one to be a buddy to an “only” horse, or another to add to your ever-growing herd, be prepared to introduce him to his new home correctly. 

If you are bringing him home to join your…

Fencing For Foals

One of your most critical investments will be creating the environment where your foal takes those first steps, jumps, and hops in the big new world. 

Just as you would prepare a nursery ahead of time for a new baby, (of the human variety), pre-planning a nursery paddock for your…

Planning Your Gates

When installed properly, they offer a safe point for you and your horses to enter and exit. For maximum convenience, place your gates as close as possible to the entry/exit point of your barn. This will save time and also make turn out easier for anyone who may help…