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Horse Farm Financing 101 

 Along with the ownership of that horse came the responsibilities for keeping his stall clean, twice a day feeding and watering, 365 days a year.  While other kids counted their quarters for doing jobs around the house, I was counting the hours that I could go home from school…

Barnyard Companions for Your Lonely Horse

Most horses thrive in a herd environment. They band with others in small groups for companionship and protection. While some horses prefer to stick to themselves, this is quite rare. Without a friend, most horses become lonely and depressed. However, it might not be feasible to have two horses….


It’s that time of year when flies come back into our lives.  When you have horses, livestock, and other animals flies are inevitable.  Luckily, there are things we can do to manage and minimize pesky insects!

Today, I’m sharing what I do to minimize flies at my farm.

Manure Management
It is…

Winter Water Woes


Just like the majority of horse owners, I fancy myself a do-it-yourself type, a tough it out type, and a scrimp on the necessities to splurge on the extras type.  Nowhere was this more apparent and more misguided than my tales of winter water woes. Consider this more of…

Fall Decor for the Home and Barn

What are some fall decor ideas for things you can bring in from outside, to your house and barn?
I may be crazy, but as much as I love the colors, the beautiful brown fall season here in Ohio pulls on my heartstrings. Something stirs in me, extra outside…

8 Tips to Winterize Your Farm

The end of summer is fast approaching. I am with you; I don’t want to think about it either. This has been a good horse filled summer! But as much as I know August will soon be headed into September and daylight is beginning to become slightly shorter, we…

10 Tips for Horse Farms

Are you looking to improve your horse farm?

Below are ten tips to help you get started on improving your horse farm!

1.  Check Your Fence Lines
We tend to forget to just take a walk or ride all the way around our fence lines. Periodic checks allow you to get any…